Rhythm Recording Protect


Summary of Recording Techniques:

I used influences from “Its a new day” by George Bragg

to create my own beat on online simulator. I had some difficulties

losing my track and finding a good beat but in the

end I was able to come out on top.



An accent:

Is the 4th key element.

Rhythm comes from heartbeats

and walking and because we

have one foot stronger than

another  we have a weak and

strong sound or accent.


Is a slight intentional error that

makes a song more human and

more appealing.the elasticated

of syncopation becomes jazz.


Using a voice as the overlay complex beat.


3 different beats and 3 different rhythms.

What I learned:


I learned that although rad and hip hop seems just

like another type of music there is a lot more with

rhythm going on behind the scenes.


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