Harmony Recording Project



After watching Porcupine Tree by Led Lemos as a class, we

where challenged to find our favorite harmony and then

create our own.

My favorite harmony :

My favored harmony is in Queens: Bohemian Rap City when there is a 4 way harmony in measures 3 and 4.

My harmony:


Harmony composition terms:

Drone: a single non changing tone to sing over

Movable Drone: a drone that follows the melody.

Harmonics: hidden notes or frequencies used to make harmonies.

Triad: 3 notes put together to make a chord.( comes from harmonics of single note)

Sharps: moving up one step

Flats: moving down one step

Major Trade: 12 chords that write happy music.

Minor Trade: 12 chords that write sad music.

Polyphony: many notes correlating into chords ( means many voices).

Chord progression: a sequence of chords that make a song.

What I learned:

Harmony is the key to our emotions and in a way a gate way

to another world.

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