Bass Recording Project



After watching a video we where asked

to identify the bass line of one of our

favorites and then create our own.

One of my favorite bass lines?

My all time favorite bass line is in Queens: Under Pressure.

The base line is used as a base almost like building a

house as you can see it is built on to by guitar and then vocals.

My bass line.

My base line is simple but effective as

it leaves room for drums and symbols.


Tonality: The things that make western music unique.

Root: The bottom note of the scale or bass line.

32/16 ft pitch: A base lines pitch.

8 ft pitch: A regular pitch for upper notes.

Double bass: A shadow or follower of the mane orchestra’s melody.

Mirrored bass: The bass line going up while melody goes up and vice versa.

Mirror imaging: Two chords acting opposite from each other.

Walking bass line: A bass line formed from scales.

Ground bass: The form of bass that is the most popular bass lines.

Inversion: Adding notes to the base line outside of the key signature.

Riffs: Nuggets of a tune.

Moog: The first synthesizer.

Quantize: Making all notes the same length and loudness

What I learned:

I learned that base is more than just a melody shadow

whether it be inverse, mirror image, or slap bass.




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